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From technical exploitation to maritime research and space-related collection, officers in the Science and Technology Career Field design and deploy innovative technology in defense of the Nation. As an officer in this career field, you will apply scientific methods and technical tradecraft in support of our full-range intelligence operations — from planning and collection to exploitation and dissemination.


The Science and Technology Career Field represents DIA’s agile and adaptive posture to respond effectively to a dynamic operational environment. Officers in this Career Field apply scientific methods and technical tradecraft across the full range of intelligence operations in support of global technical collection, exploitation and operations. They develop a broad understanding of the entire career field while developing a deep expertise in one of the following specialties: Research and Development, Technical Collections, Technical Exploitation, and Technical Operations.

DIA Open Source Intelligence Officers draw on a variety of information sources to satisfy information requirements and fill intelligence gaps. Collaborating across the Agency, the Intelligence Community, and with key foreign partners, you will develop the tactics, techniques and procedures necessary to extract knowledge and insights from complex datasets while controlling the capabilities and limitations of this growing discipline.

These officers apply specialized scientific and technical expertise to enable technical collection activities against high-priority national and theater intelligence requirements. They collaborate to generate intelligence products and specialized, innovative, technical collection systems or methods. Specific jobs in this specialty include supervisory intelligence officer, physical scientist, biological scientist and chemist.

Officers in this specialty investigate, prototype and evaluate technologies to close intelligence gaps while leveraging commercial and Government technologies to develop solutions that enable collection and exploitation against key targets. They ensure systems function effectively and collaborate to develop specialized, innovative or novel systems to support the technical intelligence mission. Specific jobs in this specialty include intelligence officer, physical scientist and general engineer.

DIA relies on these officers to plan and conduct intelligence processing and exploitation operations on a wide variety of material and data in and from theater. They conduct forensic analysis of collected and historical technical data to support identity analysis, activity attribution and signature development. Specific careers in this field include intelligence officer, physical scientist, biological scientist and chemist in a variety of technical disciplines.

Officers in this specialty apply specialized expertise in counterintelligence and human intelligence to conduct controlled technical operations, and use specialized CI and HUMINT devices and systems in the field. They collaborate with laboratories on emerging technologies, and use systems engineering and project management approaches to evaluate technical equipment, system efficiency and identify creative solutions. Specific jobs in this career field include technical officer, intelligence officer, IT specialist and operations support officer.