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Officers in the Human Services Career Field manage the health, well-being and development of the DIA workforce.


Officers in the Human Services Career Field manage the health, well-being and development of the workforce by conducting and implementing diverse practices across the following career specialties: Behavioral Health and Research, Equal Employment Opportunity, Human Resources, and Training & Education. Officers in this Career Field develop expertise in at least the following four competencies:

  • ETHICAL PRACTICES: Act with integrity, take responsibility and accept accountability for timely delivery of products and services.
  • CONSULTING: Leverage professional knowledge and expertise to provide sound, unbiased guidance to organizational stakeholders.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Embrace customer perspectives and commit to continuous improvement of delivering professional, timely and exceptional services to all stakeholders in accordance with established policies and standard operating procedures.
  • COMMUNICATION: Effectively express information, take into account the audience and nature of the information, make clear and convincing oral presentations, listen to others, attend to nonverbal cues and respond appropriately.

DIA relies on officers in this specialty to develop and facilitate programs to ensure the Agency has a competent and resilient workforce, and to support Agency operations. These officers provide an array of professional psychological services including direct service counseling, psychological screening and evaluation, organizational assessments research, and operational support. Positions in this specialty include:

  • Behavioral Scientist.
  • Psychologist.
  • Psychometrist.
  • Clinical Psychologist.
  • Industrial Organizational Psychologist.
  • Educational Psychologist.
  • Research Psychologist.

If your passion is to protect the rights of all people, regardless of race, gender, color, national origin, religion, disability or age, the Equal Employment career field is for you! The Equal Opportunity specialty is made of jobs that require discretion and neutrality, while exuding confidence and resolve. Individuals working in this specialty are required to communicate with individuals at all levels. They must also be able to brief audiences of all sizes on topics that are not always pleasant. Officers working in the EO career specialty apply Federal Civil Rights and Equal Employment Opportunity principles, laws, policies, regulations, diversity, inclusion concepts, and relevant organizational and community policies. They advise the command element, DIA officers and supervisors on the implementation, management and compliance with Equal Employment (military)/Equal Employment Opportunity (civilian) programs and initiatives, such as affirmative employment, complaints management, special emphasis, reasonable accommodations, and workforce diversity and inclusion. Officers also provide Equal Employment Opportunity and diversity awareness training, analyze demographic trends, administer the discrimination complaints and reasonable accommodation processes, identify potential adverse impact, and support resolution of issues. Non-supervisory positions in this specialty include Equal Employment specialists, which encompass the following roles:

  • EO Consultant.
  • EEO Complaint Manager.
  • EEO Investigator.
  • Special Emphasis Program Manager.
  • Personal Care Assistant.
  • EO Program Assistant.
  • Interpreter.

DIA is committed to investing in its most valuable source of capitol — its employees. As an officer in the Human Resources career specialty, you may get involved in various aspects of HR management to include: HR strategy and policy, talent acquisition, talent management, pay and benefits, employee management relations, and military management. With a customer service mentality, officers anticipate and identify HR-related challenges and implement solutions, lead strategic processes and policy, and coordinate mission development and execution. Human Resources officers lead and execute HR programs that advance the Agency's mission. Some positions in this specialty include:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialist.
  • Anti-Harassment Program Manager.
  • Benefits Specialist.
  • Business Partner.
  • Compensation Specialist.
  • Classification Specialist.
  • Employee Management Relations Specialist.
  • Hiring & Staffing Specialist.
  • Internship Program Manager.
  • Joint Duty Assignments Program Manager.
  • Permanent Change of Station Program Manager.
  • Recruiter.
  • Talent Management Program Manager.
  • Wounded Warrior Program Manager.

Training and Education officers perform a full range of training and workforce development effectiveness functions associated with the Academy for Defense Intelligence's mission. These officers champion and contribute to Agency and Intelligence Community training and education initiatives. Some positions in this specialty include:

  • Curricula Manager.
  • Educational Researcher.
  • Evaluator.
  • Foreign Language Learning Specialist.
  • Instructional Systems Designer/Specialist.
  • Instructor/Facilitator.
  • Learning Development Specialist.
  • Faculty Member.