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Finance and Acquisition officers enable enterprise management by programming, budgeting, allocating and managing approved resources.


DIA officers in the Finance & Acquisition Career Field are responsible for programming, budgeting, allocating and managing approved resources. They develop strategies to long-term strategic planning and communicating Agency priorities, goals and requirements to overseers, employees, partners and the American public. They work to achieve the best mix of forces, equipment and support attainable within available resources.

Acquisition program managers accomplish the full spectrum of the DIA’s acquisition programs and projects from inception through execution, and play a critical role in acquisition strategies, planning and requirements development. They oversee transformation, integration, planning and performance, and investment management. They also work closely with the Agency’s contracting officers to ensure cost effective execution of contract requirements.

Budget officers support DIA’s budget formulation and execution, leading DIA through the Federal Government’s and Department of Defense’s multi-year budget processes. They must have a deep understanding of budget concepts, policies and principles, as well as fiscal law, policies, regulations and standards. They must know research, analysis, fundamentals and operations of budget activities. Positions include budget, program or management analysts.

Contracting and procurement analysis officers solicit, evaluate, negotiate and award contracts with commercial organizations, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and other entities to support DIA’s global mission by developing effective acquisition strategies and plans, and executing competitively awarded contracts consistent with the achievement of Federal socioeconomic program goals. Jobs include contracting officers, contracting and procurement specialists and procurement analysts.

Finance and accounting officers manage the Agency’s day-to-day financial transactions and provide expert research and analysis for senior decision making and Agency reporting. They apply Federal accounting standards, fiscal law, policies, regulations, principles, standards, internal controls and procedures to financial management activities. They examine accounting, budgeting and other financial management activities for completeness and accuracy. Jobs include accountants and financial specialists.

Purchasing agents purchase, rent or lease supplies, services and equipment through simplified purchase acquisition procedures and the placement of orders against pre-established contractual instruments.

Contracting officer's representatives and requirements managers develop, assess, validate and prioritize Agency acquisition requirements and associated products. They work collaboratively with contracting officers, specialists and Agency contractors to ensure the effective execution and management of DIA contracts, as well as the compliance with contract terms and conditions from contract award through final payment and closeout.