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Military capabilities are closely guarded secrets. DIA uncovers those secrets and exposes the truth. Throughout its history, DIA has brought many truths to light. The agency has discovered covert military movements, revealed military capabilities of foreign adversaries, unmasked insider threats, and brought to light the possibility of a destabilizing global pandemic disease, among numerous other achievements. DIA’s goal, is to prevent strategic surprise through expert analysis, innovative technology, and intelligence collection.

DIA’s foremost mission is to expose adversary intentions and capabilities to decision makers. Following over-inflated assessments of Soviet bomber and missile capabilities by military services in the 1950s, DIA was established in 1961 to provide impartial, unified intelligence for the Department of Defense. This section provides visitors with several examples where exposure by DIA helped to secure the United States.

Image of the Patriots Memorial display


Major Robert P. Perry,
USA, 10 June 1970
Ms. Celest M. Brown,
4 April 1975
Ms. Vivienne A. Clark,
4 April 1975
Ms. Dorothy M. Curtiss,
4 April 1975
Ms. Joan K. Pray,
4 April 1975
Ms. Doris J. Watkins,
4 April 1975
Nicholas G. Shadrin,
20 December 1975
Colonel Charles R. Ray,
USA, 18 January 1982
Chief Warrant Officer Robert W. Prescott,
USA, 21 January 1984
Chief Warrant Officer Kenneth D. Welch,
USA, 20 September 1984
Petty Officer First Class Michael R. Wagner,
USN, 20 September 1984
Captain William E. Nordeen,
USN, 28 June 1988
Ms. Judith I. Goldenberg,
15 July 1996
Staff Sergeant Kenneth R. Hobson II,
USA, 7 August 1998
Master Sergeant William W. Bultemeier,
USA (Ret), 23 December 2000
Ms. Rosa M. Chapa,
11 September 2001
Ms. Sandra N. Foster,
11 September 2001
Mr. Robert J. Hymel,
11 September 2001
Ms. Shelley A. Marshall,
11 September 2001
Ms. Patricia E. Mickley,
11 September 2001
Mr. Charles E. Sabin,
11 September 2001
Mr. Karl W. Teepe,
11 September 2001
Sergeant Sherwood R. Baker,
ARGN, 26 April 2004
Sergeant Lawrence A. Roukey,
USAR, 26 April 2004
Sergeant Don A. Clary,
USA, 8 November 2004
Sergeant First Class Clinton L. Wisdom,
USA, 8 November 2004
Mr. Scott A Wirtz,
16 January 2019


Image of Memorial Mural

The multiple drawings displayed on the DIA’s Patriot Memorial Wall represent the ultimate sacrifice experienced by both military and civilian personnel, in service to their country, while supporting the DIA both domestically and internationally.
-Graphite drawings are courtesy of Patrick Dowden USCG (ret), DIA Officer.