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Touchstone: Orientation for New Employees

The Touchstone Program introduces new government employees and military members to DIA’s culture and mission, while emphasizing each new employee’s role as a DIA Officer. Touchstone familiarizes students with the DIA strategy, the DIA core values (Teamwork, Integrity, Excellence, and Service), and enables them to create effective teams and maintain a network of professional colleagues. The intent of the program is to promote a culture that supports DIA’s goal of “Committed to Excellence in Defense of the Nation.” In addition, Touchstone delivers essential training and provides the opportunity and assistance necessary for new employees and military members to navigate through the security and onboarding process at DIA.

Touchstone Intern Program

The Touchstone Intern Program is a four day course designed to welcome new employees to DIA and to provide the best information on the Agency's mission, vision, culture, employee services and security processes and procedures. Touchstone helps new employees gain the knowledge and tools necessary to transition into their respective roles at DIA.

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