As a component of the Department of Defense and the U.S. Intelligence Community, DIA informs national civilian and defense policy makers about the military intentions and capabilities of foreign governments and non-state actors. The DIA workforce is comprised of many military service members. For more information on each Service, please see the below sections for information and points of contact. For general military human resources information, please contact the Military Resources Operations Center at 202-231-6762.


The Army Attaché Management Division represents the U.S. Army in selecting highly-qualified Regular Army personnel for assignment within the Defense Attaché System. Army Attaché personnel serve around the world in United States Embassies within a Defense Attaché Office (DAO). The DAO represents the Department of Defense to the host-nation government and military, assists and advises the U.S. Ambassador on military matters, and coordinates other political-military actions within their area of accreditation.

If you are interested in applying for assignment within the Defense Attaché System, contact the Army Attaché Management Office via email at: AAMD@DODIIS.MIL.


Navy Attaché Affairs
Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV N2/N6IE)

Navy Attaché Affairs represents the Director of Naval Intelligence in the Defense Attaché System (DAS) nomination process and ensures only the most qualified candidates are selected to represent the United States Navy to foreign governments. Navy Personnel Command (NPC) detailers initially screen personnel and send applications to Attaché Affairs for final interviews or screening. Attaché Affairs receives application packages for officers to serve as Senior Defense Officials/Defense Attachés (SDO/DATT), Naval Attachés (ALUSNA), Assistant Naval Attachés (A/ALUSNA), or Operations Coordinators (OPSCO). Attaché Affairs also receives enlisted application packages for some OPSCO and all Operations Assistant (OPSASST) positions for interviews/screening. Attaché Affairs provides lifeline support to all Navy Attachés and Sailors in the DAS and acts as a service level liaison to SECDEF, Joint Staff, OPNAV, DIA, and NPC.

Detailed information on Navy Attaché opportunities is provided the NPC Website:  http://www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/officer/Detailing/attache/Pages/default2.aspx 

NPC Customer Service Center
COMM: 1-866-827-5672
DSN 882-5672

Air Force

The Air Force Element Personnel Branch provides support to the Commander Support Staff and Management Level to Air Force personnel assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency. In an effort to provide comprehensive customer service to Airmen working in support of DIA, the Personnel Branch liaises with Headquarters Air Force Personnel Center, Headquarters Air Force District of Washington, Senior Leader Management Office, multiple Military Personnel Support offices around the world, and other base and MAJCOM support agencies. Airmen can view and apply to fill vacant active duty Air Force positions through the Assignment Management System (AMS). These enlisted vacancies are advertised on AMS monthly. Officers can apply for a DIA position during any of the three annual Vulnerable Movers List cycles.

For more any further information, please contact the Military Resources Operations Center at 202-231-6762.


Coast Guard