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Former DIA Employees

Civilian Legacy Employee Availability Reserve Program (CLEAR)

The Civilian Legacy Employee Availability Reserve (CLEAR) creates a reserve of former DIA civilian personnel who may be re-employed to provide manpower to DIA on a temporary and intermittent basis to:

  • Satisfy a temporary surge in mission
  • Meet mission requirements during an emergency
  • Provide continuity (backfill mission) during the extended absence of other civilian employees
  • And to provide expertise and IC or DIA specific knowledge to temporarily fill critical or hard-to-fill positions

CLEAR program participants will be appointed as intermittent hires for up to six months at a time, not to exceed 12 months. The CLEAR selection
process is non-competitive and based solely on qualifications, availability, and the needs of DIA.

Who is Eligible?

All CLEAR Program participants must:

  • Be a civilian employee preparing for separation for DIA or who hasrecently separated within the past 90-day period;
  • * Has completed DIA's trial period;
  • * Left the Agency with a favorable separation;
  • * Meet DIA's Conditional of Employment;
  • * Possess the needed skills and qualifications for DIA's mission; and
  • * Have no other employment that poses a conflict of interest.

CLEAR participants may expect:

  • To repay the Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay (VSIP) buyouts if he or she returns to the Federal Government as an employee within a five-year period. No waivers.
  • No Permanent Change of Station (PCS) funding to be available.
  • To work time and hours that are subject to supervisor approval.
  • To not accrue or use compensatory (comp) time, credit hours, overtime or travel comp time.
  • And to serve "at will" and may be released or separated at any time, for any reason, without advance notice.

To enroll or for more information on this program, contact Tashma Bailey at Tashma.bailey@dodiis.mil or contact the Human Resources Operations Center at 202-231-4762.

Download PDF: Civilian Legacy Employment Availability Reserve Program (CLEAR)