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Making Intelligence Education More Accessible: NIU Opens Academic Center in Quantico



Oct. 7, 2014 — “After several years of careful planning and coordination between National Intelligence University (NIU), FBI and Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, I am pleased to report that the NIU Quantico Academic Center is now operational – with a full complement of students from around the intelligence and national security communities,” announced Center Director Kevin Logan at the formal opening ceremony held October 2, 2014.

Classes at the Quantico Academic Center began at the start of the 2014-2015 academic year in late August and there are already 33 students from 13 different organizations enrolled in either the Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence degree or graduate certificate program.   Students attend classes in the evenings, making this new academic center convenient for intelligence professionals who live or work in the Quantico, Va., region. 

NIU President Dr. David Ellison welcomed the more than 75 guests in attendance at the ribbon cutting, proudly noting, “the Quantico Academic Center is a model endeavor for us in so many ways.   It supports the Director of National Intelligence guidance to make intelligence education, research, and outreach opportunities accessible to the entire intelligence community, and to operate within the larger context of improving intelligence integration.” 

“At the Quantico Academic Center,” he said, “NIU faculty, augmented by Quantico-based subject matter experts, are using existing classrooms to deliver NIU degree and certificate programs.   This helps us fulfill some of the key tenets of our mission to offer relevant, accessible and career-long intelligence education. “

Keynote remarks were provided by Maureen Baginski, who currently chairs the NIU Board of Visitors, having previously served as FBI’s executive assistant director for intelligence after September 11, 2001. 

“As a career intelligence officer,” Baginski noted, “I am proud that we are investing in our most important intelligence asset: our people!” “As a taxpayer” Baginski continued, “I am pleased that this program leverages readily available resources and capabilities.”  “Together,” concluded Baginski, “these three organizations have partnered to achieve something none could have achieved on their own.” 

The guests in attendance were a testament both to the importance of the event and to the growing recognition of NIU as the center of academic life for the intelligence community.   Attendees included Eric Velez-Villar, executive assistant director for intelligence,FBI;  Phillip Chudoba, assistant director of intelligence, United States Marine Corps;  Reese Madsen, chief learning officer, Department of Defense (Intelligence);  Karen Jeffers, Congressional staff member representing the Honorable Robert J. Wittman, (1st Congressional District, Virginia); Dr. Jeffrey Anderson, intelligence community chief learning officer, Office of the Director of National Intelligence;  Owen Harris, assistant director, Training Division, FBI;  Jorge Garcia, acting assistant director, Directorate of Intelligence, FBI; and Steve Ritchey, executive director of the National Intelligence University Foundation.

NIU is an accredited degree-granting institution whose main campus is located in Washington, D.C.  Its faculty consists of subject matter experts from around the intelligence community who bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the classroom. NIU offers two master’s programs, a bachelor’s degree completion program and specialized graduate certificates in intelligence topics. Its graduates include many notable intelligence and national security leaders.  For more information, visit www.ni-u.edu.