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Contractor Personnel Security

Want to know more about the security clearance process for contractors?

The processes for clearing contractors to support your organization can be confusing to new personnel. If you employ contractors or if your new job included duties as a Unit Security Officer (USO) or Contracting Officer Representative (COR), you will want to know more about these procedures.

The Industry Branch (SEC-3B) evaluates and certifies contractor eligibility for Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) access. Our office reviews and evaluates background investigations and other investigative information to determine this eligibility.

Our office is available to provide guidance to you and your contractors in navigating through the adjudication and eligibility processes. Please contact us at the email below if you have any questions about case statuses or the security clearance process.

Our Mission

To validate and certify trustworthiness of DIA and designated DoD-affiliated industry personnel for access to Sensitive Compartmented Information through case management, adjudication, and due process.

FAQs for Policy Transition

FAQs for Policy Transition

Contact Information

Email: DIActrAdjudications@dodiis.mil