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DIA participates in Career Day at local elementary school

By DIA Public Affairs


A handful of DIA employees took a break from analyzing data, attending meetings and building briefing slides to share their varied jobs and what brought them to government service with third and fifth graders at Malcolm X Elementary School in Washington, D.C., June 10.

Participants covered topics ranging from engineering and the military to communications and human resources. There was no shortage of ambition among the students as they enthusiastically shouted the many things they wanted to be when they grew up. They were eager to raise their hands and ask questions, even if they were shy or didn’t know the exact word for what they wanted to say.

When Master Sgt. Philip Skopp touched on the obstacles he overcame to become a successful and respected member of the military, they listened. When he explained the ribbons and ranks on his uniform, they pointed and asked about each one in detail. And they asked countless questions about flying airplanes and launching missiles.

In addition to participating in events such as Career Day, since 1993 DIA has supported Malcolm X with one-on-one tutoring, self-esteem workshops, school clean up and repair, and Read Across America. DIA also holds an annual school supply drive in the late summer as well as a toy and food drive in late fall.

As part of its Partnership in Education efforts, DIA also works with Hoffman-Boston Elementary in Arlington, Va.; Anne Moncure Elementary in Stafford, Va.; Dogwood Elementary in Reston, Va.; plus University Place Elementary and Westlawn Middle School in Alabama.