DIA Director's 2018 Professional Reading List

Professional Reading List – 2018 Edition


As intelligence officers, our most critical asset is our mind. Self-study increases our speed, creativity, and confidence.


Without self-study, our expertise is limited to our direct experiences. Reading vastly multiplies our experiences in life—as parents, as friends, as spouses, and as leaders.


By reading, we can learn from the experiences of an immeasurable number of people. And, hopefully, our reading allows us to learn from the mistakes of others, before we make those mistakes ourselves. Old ideas give us new ideas. History really does teach us something. It inspires, motivates, and elevates us.


Lieutenant General Robert P. Ashley, Jr.

Director, Defense Intelligence Agency



The Director's Professional Reading List is divided into three categories:

  • Leadership and Professional Development

  • History

  • Global Analysis


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The appearance of a title in this reading list does not imply that the DIA Director endorses the author’s views or interpretations.

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