The Future of DIA

On the 60th anniversary of DIA’s inception, let’s reflect on the history and evolution of DIA’s strategy over the past 25 years.

The 1994 Agency Strategy, “DIA 2001: A Strategic Plan,” highlighted DIA’s need to shift to a post-Cold War world.

That strategy focused on production, collection and infrastructure, and postured the Agency to support the world’s lone remaining superpower.

Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, DIA shifted its focus to combating terrorism while remaining the premier provider.

The reemergence of strategic competition, the rapid changes in technological advancement, and the expansion of the competitive space are topics that the Agency is pivoting to address today.

Now, we understand that the strategic environment is significantly impacted by disease, climate change and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Shortly after becoming DIA’s 22nd director, Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier created the Agency’s first Integrated Study Group and a Core Planning Group.

These groups drew on expertise from across the Agency to provide an impartial and balanced examination of how DIA postures itself horizontally and vertically to leverage the full spectrum of Agency capabilities to illuminate opportunities to expand the competitive space while maintaining global overwatch.

They also observed how the Agency could strengthen integration across the Defense Intelligence Enterprise, leverage partnerships and identified opportunities where DIA can lead enterprise objectives.

Mindful of higher-level guidance, DIA developed the first 10-year, threat-based strategy focused on strategic competition.

This strategy established four enduring lines of effort to guide and inform intelligence and intelligence-enabling activities: Intelligence Advantage, Culture of Innovation, Allies and Partnerships, and Adaptive Workforce.

These elements work to streamline Agency efforts; establish an approach consistent with national security priorities, Department of Defense, and Intelligence Community objectives; and enable the Agency to balance strategic competition with its enduring foundational military intelligence requirements.

The 2021 DIA Strategy and its implementation plan will better posture DIA to illuminate opportunities for the United States and allies to seize the initiative and challenge competitors across the competition continuum.

With a competitive mindset, DIA will be better equipped to anticipate America’s defense intelligence needs and synchronize defense and national intelligence capabilities to outpace strategic competitors.

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