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News | April 28, 2015

DIA celebrates National Poetry Month

This year for National Poetry Month DIA asked its workforce to describe the agency and its mission in a haiku. 

Onq guvatf ybir gur qnex / QVN'f gbepu oheaf oevtugyl / Fyrrc gvtug, serr crbcyrf - #NationalPoetryMonth

The haiku shared on DIA's Facebook and Twitter accounts is encrypted using a ROT13 cipher, where each letter is shifted by 13 letters. Learn more about ciphers over on the NSA website!

The decrypted haiku reads:

Bad things love the dark
DIA's torch burns brightly
Sleep tight, free peoples

Here are some other selected haiku submissions from the DIA workforce:

The United States
Excellence in Her Defense
Through Intelligence

We are DIA!
Intelligence, defending
our nation from threats

Soldiers' lives are saved
Through high quality intel
Families rejoice!

Every soldier
Kept out of the wrong foxhole
Is mission success!

First line of Defense
Premier Intel Enterprise
A new D-I-A

Only in failure
Do we get publicity
Silence our reward

Aiding those forward
Supporting across the spear
One mission, one fight

Integrity, Truth, Teamwork,
Excellence portray

Critical Thinking
And structured analysis,
Help support the fray

Agency service,
National security,
Knowledge lights the way