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News | Oct. 27, 2014

DIA members test their might at local iron team competition

By Navy Lt. Jeff Prunera, DIA Public Affairs

Eight members of DIA participated in an “iron team” event to promote camaraderie and community outreach at T. Howard Duckett Park in Laurel, Md., Oct. 1.

The Prince George’s County Police Fifth Annual Iron Team competition welcomed 35 four-man teams consisting of law enforcement officers, military personnel and other first responders who competed in the 16-event endurance race. This year, DIA provided two teams with mixed active duty and retired members of the Army, Navy and Air Force. Throughout the day, the DIA team members had the opportunity to meet and mingle with the local first responders to learn about each other’s professions first hand.

“The Iron Team challenge was a great event that allowed some members of the Joint Junior Officer Counsel and Senior Enlisted Advisory Committee the opportunity to closely interact with other DIA and service members in an environment outside of the office,” said Air Force Capt. William Taylor, a DIA member competing.

The day-long competition had each team start the timed course at staggered intervals throughout the morning with one of the DIA teams randomly selected as the first group to kick off the event. Both DIA teams successfully completed the course in about an hour and a half each.

“The physical and mental aspects of the competition forced the team to work together, highlighting the different strengths of each member throughout the event,” said Taylor. “Despite the exhaustive nature, the event was a lot of fun and boosted the camaraderie amongst our teammates.”

Each team was required to complete each obstacle entirely with no outside help whatsoever. Events included a keg throw and climb, pole flip, chain drag, tire pull, three-mile run with a water crossing, inflatable rescue boat carry, as well as nine other similar tests of stamina. Several events were completed individually by each member rotating through the team, while other events were group efforts completed however the team saw fit.

Although DIA service members have competed in the Prince George’s iron team competition for several years, this year had the highest number of participants attend. 

“We look forward to participating in events similar to this as well as others that allow us to support the local community,” added Taylor.