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News | July 24, 2014

DIA becomes executive agent for IC Wounded Warrior Program

By ODNI Public Affairs

A milestone event for the intelligence community, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper officially recognized DIA as the executive agent for the Wounded Warrior Program, which took effect July 4.

“We’re doing a lot of things in the IC now, and this is absolutely the right thing for DIA,” said DIA Director Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, as he expressed his confidence in the agency’s ability to continue helping our nation’s wounded in managing this program.

Modeled after the Department of Defense’s Operation Warfighter, ODNI established the IC Wounded Warrior Program from a collection of disparate internship programs in June 2009 to provide injured, ill and wounded service members with meaningful work experience intended to assist with their recuperation and transition into the workforce. The program has assisted nearly 600 wounded warriors with internship opportunities since it was created.

During the June 24 transition ceremony, Clapper acknowledged Medal of Honor recipient retired Marine Cpl. Kyle Carpenter, who worked with the National Counterterrorism Center through the IC’s Wounded Warrior Program. “That says something about the utility of the program and the impact of it,” Clapper said.

Under ODNI’s leadership, the program created policies and guidance that helped improve clearance successes and processing timelines for wounded warriors, and also funded security clearances for interns going to smaller IC elements. The program expanded its presence to promote internships through monthly events, outreach to military treatment facilities and semi-annual fairs hosted by other agencies in the community.

Clapper expressed his gratitude for DIA accepting the executive agent responsibility as both directors agreed this transition of responsibility will continue to build on the success of the past several years.