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News | June 11, 2014

DNI talks IC leadership with NIU graduate students

By National Intelligence University

 Director of National Intelligence James Clapper visited a National Intelligence University June 10 classroom to share his views on the role of leadership in the intelligence community with students enrolled in the NIU Leadership and Management graduate certificate program. In his hour-long exchange with the students, Clapper emphasized the importance of intelligence integration, a theme he has consistently touted during his tenure as DNI.      

The students, representing 15 of the 17 IC organizations, are themselves an example of the type of collaboration DNI Clapper is striving to achieve throughout the community. Their final project, completed after their fourth week-long class session, requires the students to work together on a group capstone exercise during which they consider a real-world leadership challenge and provide recommendations.

The graduate Leadership and Management Certificate is one of several specialized certificates offered by NIU in addition to its intelligence degree programs.  

The university, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, is an accredited degree-granting institution whose main campus is located in Washington. Its faculty consists of subject matter experts from around the intelligence community who bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience, as well as academic qualifications, to the classroom. NIU offers two master’s programs, a bachelor’s degree completion program and specialized certificates in intelligence topics. Its alumni include many notable intelligence and national security leaders. For more information, visit