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News | June 13, 2024

DIA Report Details Effects of Houthi Attacks on Commercial Shipping

By DIA Public Affairs

The Defense Intelligence Agency has released a new report detailing how Houthi maritime attacks have affected international trade supported by an expansion of military capabilities with help from Iran.

The report, “Yemen: Houthi Attacks Placing Pressure on International Trade,” follows DIA’s February report describing the Houthis’ use of Iranian missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles to conduct attacks in the Middle East. The Houthis have conducted dozens of attacks against commercial ships, and they have defied the United Nations and other international organizations that have called for an end to their maritime aggression.

DIA assesses the Houthis continue to present a growing threat in the region, and their actions are detrimental to their goal to seek international legitimacy.

The report details the harmful impacts of Houthi attacks on numerous countries, and major energy and shipping companies. These attacks have endangered crews, damaged regional security, impeded international humanitarian relief efforts, threatened freedom of navigation, and increased the cost and transit times for commercial shipping.

DIA has released the report as part of ongoing transparency efforts to enhance public understanding of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s mission and to provide insights into Department of Defense and national security issues.

Media may direct queries about the report to DIA Public Affairs at

LINK to report:

Note: the previously referenced February report is also accessible through the link above.

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