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News | Aug. 25, 2023

DIA releases updated report on Russia’s use of lethal Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Ukraine; UAV display to continue

By DIA Public Affairs

The Defense Intelligence Agency is releasing an update to its unclassified report, “Iranian UAVs in Ukraine: A Visual Comparison.”
The original unclassified report, released by DIA in February, confirmed Russia’s use of various lethal Iranian UAVs against Ukraine. These UAVs have become a critical part of Russia’s war in Ukraine and are being used to attack critical infrastructure. The update features additional findings and declassified images to disprove Iran’s continued claims that Russia is not using its UAVs in Ukraine.
The updated report draws from DIA’s ongoing display of components from several Iranian-produced UAVs recovered from both Ukraine and Iraq.  The display includes portions of Shahed-131 UAVs used by Russia against Ukraine and Shahed-131 UAVs recovered in Iraq, including an attack Iran publicly claimed.  The display marks the first time these models have been displayed in the same place.  This is also the first public showing of the newly declassified Shahed-101, a smaller Iranian UAV recovered in Iraq.  DIA’s UAV display proves that while these UAVs were recovered thousands of miles apart, they share a common point of origin: Iran.
Multiple media outlets, foreign delegations, and other government agencies have visited the display to discuss the analysis with DIA’s subject matter experts and gain a better understanding of the growing threat from these systems. These components, obtained during sensitive site exploitation, will remain on display at DIA at least until early September.
Members of the media are encouraged to contact DIA public affairs ( for more information on the UAV report and the UAV display.
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