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News | Dec. 18, 2019

Honoring DIA’s exceptional workforce

By Tyra Virgil, DIA Public Affairs

The Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lt. Gen. Robert Ashley Jr. recognized some of DIA’s best and brightest officers and teams during the Director’s 49th Annual Honorary Awards Ceremony at DIA Headquarters, Dec. 11.

Ashley began the ceremony by thanking the award winner’s families for their continued support.

 “Thank you for all that you do to support your awardee,” said Ashley. “None of us would be here today without the support of friends and family, believe me, I know.”

Amy Levine, an analyst for the Defense Combating Terrorism Center and a recipient of the DIA Award for Meritorious Civilian Service, shared the same sentiment.

“It’s great that DIA encouraged us to bring family to this event. My mother and husband are here today,” said Levine. “As Lt. Gen. Ashley mentioned, their understanding and support when I’m working long hours or spending holidays deployed is critical and a huge part of why I’m receiving this award today.”

As an analyst for DCTC, Levine plays a major part in influencing policy and enhancing institutional knowledge by communicating the significance of Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham’s global posture to senior leaders in the Intelligence Community.

Levine expressed that her support system extends to her teammates as well.

“I really appreciate that my leadership took the time to nominate me for this award and recognize our branch's achievements,” she said. “It was also really cool to have many of my teammates there to celebrate and support me, since everything we do here is a group effort.”

Among the nine awards presented, was the new Melissa A. Drisko Collaborative Achievement Award, created in honor of former DIA Deputy Director Melissa Drisko.

The intent of the award is to highlight collaborative employees and managers who demonstrate to others the value of teamwork, while increasing customer satisfaction with DIA products.

“Melissa was a great person that had a great impact on many of us personally, and all of us as an Agency,” Ashley explained. “This award recognizes individuals and teams that demonstrate selflessness of character and the determination to take the initiative and work with those around us to make this Agency excellent.”

Mission Services’ Advanced Foreign Counterintelligence Operations Team and Directorate for Analysis’ Integrated Analysis and Methods Division Team received this award for their commitment to the Agency and their team’s accomplishments.

The director also presented a special honorary award to Drisko’s husband, Phil Kosmacki.

“This award goes to someone extremely deserving, who collaborated with us to make this award possible … her husband Phil.” Ashley continued, “Phil, thank you for being here. Thank you for your contributions to this award’s creation. And thank you for your service.”

Ashley also awarded individuals and teams with the DIA Award for Exceptional Civilian Service, Director’s Annual Agency Team Awards, DIA Outstanding Employee with a Disability, DIA Diversity Management Award, Military Annual Awards, DIA Police Officer of the Year Award and the Five Eyes Integrator of the Year Award.