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Employee Training and Professional Development

DIA employees have several options for mandatory Department of Defense training and online professional development. It is recommend you create initial accounts before teleworking, as several sites require authentication / validation through an email sent to the subscriber’s official email account (.mil/.gov). After initial account creation, you can access sites with a username/password or CAC.

Mandatory Training

Many Career Field Guides outline recommended and required certifications you can conduct on unclassified systems. Before teleworking, review your Career Field Guide on JWICS.

Available courses include:

Course Course Title
DIA-CMP-2100 Intelligence Oversight
ONCIX-SSD-4004 Classification Management and IC Markings System
DIA-CMP-2063 OPSEC Awareness
OSD-DHRA-1001 Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) General Awareness Training
DIA-CMP-2088 Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Annual Training
DIA-CMP-2108 Privacy Act Course
DIA-CMP-2093 DIA Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity
DIA-CMP-2084 Cyber Awareness Challenge, Intelligence Community
DIA-CMP-2022 Government Purchase Card
DIA-HRS-2040 Performance Management Planning
DIA-HRS-2041 Overcoming Challenges in Writing Performance
DIA-HRS-2043 Performance Appraisals
DIA-HRS-2045 Performance Conversations
DIA-HLT-2301 DIA Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness Training
DIA-SEC-2002 Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness Training
CDASA-I The Certified DoD All-Source Analyst (CDASA) Certification Program – Level I



Training and Professional Development

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