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NeedipeDIA: More Information

Needipedia is an external website for identifying Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) needs. It embraces the full scope of "innovative ideas" from industry and academic sources. These ideas assist in supporting agile, technological and innovative capability for DIA mission-related requirements.

Needipedia has a centrally-accessible website, www.dia.mil/innovation/Needipedia, allowing for 'idea' communication from the outside to the Agency.

How Do I Initiate an Idea?

Follow the steps below to initiate and submit your proposal.

  1. Review Needipedia categories.
    From the Needipedia website, review the needs categories.
  2. Map idea to DIA need.
    Map your idea to a category requiring a potential solution.
  3. Identify the need by number.
    Identify the category number listed on the webpage for future reference.
  4. Go to website for white paper instructions in DIA Innovation BAA.
    Go to www.fbo.gov or www.grants.gov for instructions in the DIA Innovation Broad Area Announcement (BAA). Use the BAA instructions and complete a white paper describing your idea.
  5. Submit white paper via email to DIA Innovation Office.
    Submit your white paper to the DIA Innovation Office via email Ideas2Action@dodiis.mil.
  6. If invited, orally discuss idea, and/or write and submit full proposal.
    If invited, orally present the idea in a DIA meeting and/or write a full proposal and submit it to Ideas2Action@dodiis.mil.

How to Maximize the Proposal Success?

Before submitting a white paper for a proposal, review these recommendations:

  1. Your success is enhanced by writing a clear and specific white paper that addresses a particular mission need.
  2. It is important to identify the need by number in your white paper. The need number qualifies you for an initial review.
  3. The more specific and “granular” the need, the greater the chance your white paper will be reviewed by the best-suited Subject Matter Expert (SME). This increases the chance of a positive review. For example, white paper responses to the more specific need “1.0U1 Enhanced Environmental Health Predictive Modeling” has greater specificity and chances of success than submissions for the more generic need “1. Prevents Strategic Surprise”.
  4. Reference to the need numbered 99, “Other”, is encouraged only when no other need is applicable.

How Do I Contact DIA?

Email: Ideas2Action@dodiis.mil