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Jan. 29, 2014

DIA Director Flynn: Sergeant Bergdahl has DIA's "Absolute Commitment" to Bringing Him Home Safely

DIA Director Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn was asked by Sen. James Risch about DIA's efforts to rescue Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl during today's Worldwide Threat Assessment Hearing before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.  Bergdahl has been held captive by the Taliban since 2009.

SEN JAMES RISCH, R-IDAHO: Director Brennan and Director Flynn, these next remarks are directed to you. I have a constituent, Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, who's being held captive. And I want to publicly thank you for the exchanges, the information and the frequent interchange between both myself and your office and my staff and your office staff.

It's impossible to sit here and convey to you what this family is going through. We all say we can't understand, and we really can't. 

And, obviously, without getting into the classified material or saying something unintentionally that would impact his safety, I think we'd go a long ways to helping his family have some peace if you would reiterate publicly, as you have to me privately, about what a high area of concern this is for the United States government. to return Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl to us personally.


LT GEN FLYNN: Yes. And, Senator, thanks -- thanks for reminding the American public about Bowe and his -- his plight right now.

 I would tell you that every soldier that we have on the battlefield that is in a situation like that is -- becomes our number one priority. There are, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there are dedicated resources to doing everything we can to bring him home safe and sound.

 And I -- and I would just say to the family, I can't imagine what they go through, but they have our absolute commitment from the -- all the leadership, and I know I can speak for this table here from the intelligence community, but definitely all the leadership inside of the Department of Defense to bring him home safe and sound.


RISCH: Thank you, Director.

CIA Director John Brennan echoed Flynn's remarks.