Defense Intelligence Agency


Touchstone Intern Program

The Touchstone Intern Program is a four day course designed to welcome new employees to DIA and to provide the best information on the Agency's mission, vision, culture, employee services and security processes and procedures. Touchstone helps new employees gain the knowledge and tools necessary to transition into their respective roles at DIA.

Please bring the following forms with you to Touchstone. Failure to bring these documents may cause you to be unable to begin work and may delay your pay.

» Download Intern Touchstone Checklist (pdf)

Administrative Forms

You are REQUIRED to complete all of the below administrative forms and bring them with you on your first day of orientation or scan and email them to our office.

  • Employment Eligibility (I-9)
    Please bring your completed I-9 Form with a valid form(s) of identification to Touchstone. Your identification will be verified on the first day of Touchstone. Please find a list of the acceptable documents on page 5 of the form.
    » Download Form from
    » Instructions (pdf)
  • Declaration for Federal Employment
    The information collected on this form is used to determine your acceptability for Federal employment. Please sign line "17b Appointee's Signature" when completing this form.
    » Download Form (pdf)
    » Instructions (pdf)
  • Statement of Prior Federal Service

    ALL employees are required to fill out the Statement of Prior Federal Service form, regardless of whether or not you have prior federal service. If you have no prior federal service, write “N/A” in each section.

    In order for DIA to credit your prior Federal Service for benefits, such as leave accrual and reduction-in-force retention, the dates of your active uniformed service and the type(s) of appointments(s) and dates of civilian service must be verified. Dates of active uniformed service are verified from the records issued by the branch of service in which you served. Dates and types of appointments to civilian positions are usually verified from Notification of Personnel Actions (Standard Form 50 or CSCV- or OPM-approved exceptions thereto), and payroll records (including records of deductions made under the Civil Service Retirement System-Standard Form 2806. Although it states to skip to section 8 if the information is detailed on your resume, we also need the information listed on this form. You can submit a Member 4 copy of your DD-214 in lieu of completed section 7.
    » Download Form (pdf)
    » Instructions (pdf)

  • W4 Federal Tax Form
    Complete Form W-4 so that DIA can withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay. Consider completing a new Form W-4 each year and when your personal or financial situation changes.
    » Download Form from (pdf)
    » Instructions (pdf)
  • State of Residency Tax Forms
    » State Tax Forms
  • Direct Deposit Payroll Form
    Complete the Direct Deposit Form for automatic payroll account deposits. A voided checked can be attached to the form in lieu of completing section 3.
    » Download Form (pdf)

    Special Note: All transferring Federal Government Employees should bring a copy of their last pay statement for leave transfer purposes
  • Record of Emergency Data
    This extremely important form is to be used by you to show the names and addresses of your spouse, children, parents, and any other person(s) you would like notified if you become a casualty. Not every item on this form is applicable to you. This form is used by the Department of Defense (DoD) to expedite notification in the case of emergencies or death.
    » Download Form (pdf)
  • Mailing Address Record Form
    Each employee is required to complete the Mailing Address Record form. Please complete this form with your current address. Once you gain systems access, you can update this information electronically at anytime.
    » Download Form (pdf)
    » Instructions (pdf)
  • Reserve Status Form
    ALL incoming employees must complete this form detailing your Reserve Status. Please follow the instructions in completing this document and bring it with you on the first day of orientation.
    » Download Form (pdf)
  • TSP Acknowledgement Form
    New employees are automatically enrolled in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) program. The TSP is a retirement savings and investment plan for Federal employees and is similar to 401(K) plans available to many private sector employees.
    **Please note: If you are a non-break Federal transfer, or a student trainee, DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM.
    » Download Form (pdf)
  • Benefits Acknowledgement Form
    Each new employee is required to read and complete this form. By completing this form you acknowledge that you have 60 calendar days from your EOD date to enroll in Federal Employees Health Benefits and Federal Employees Group Life Insurance.
    **Please note: If you are a non-break Federal transfer, or a student trainee, DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM.
    » Download Form (pdf)

Beneficiary Forms

The following Beneficiary Forms must be completed by all new hires. Student Trainees should ONLY complete Designation of Beneficiary - Unpaid Compensation of a Deceased Employee. All Beneficiary Forms require two witness signatures. You may obtain those witness signatures during Touchstone before submitting the forms.