Make a difference while pursuing your education.

Are you curious about foreign cultures and the hidden forces that affect the world globally? Do you excel in areas such as problem solving, critical writing, or learning new languages? Are you passionate about serving your country and supporting the men and women who defend our great nation around the world? If so, we invite you to learn more about DIA's student internship opportunities. DIA offers programs for high school graduates, undergraduate, and graduate students.

DIA's student internship programs provide high-achieving university and college students from accredited institutions throughout the U.S. with the opportunity to use their degrees in real world settings while continuing their education, thereby better preparing them for careers upon graduation.

DIA provides military intelligence to warfighters, defense policymakers, and force planners in the Department of Defense and IC in support of U.S. military planning, operations, and acquisition. We plan, manage, and execute intelligence operations during peacetime, crisis, and war.


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Career Fields

  • Analysis: Analytic Operations & Knowledge Management; Counterintelligence/Transnational; Infrastructure & Resources; Military Capabilities; Scientific & Technical Intelligence; Strategic & Regional Analysis

  • Counterintelligence: Counterintelligence Agent; Cover Support

  • Finance and Acquisition: Acquisition Program Management; Budget; Contracting & Procurement Analysis; Finance & Accounting; Purchasing; Requirements Manager/Contracting Officer Representative; and Strategy Engagement & Evaluation

  • Human Intelligence: Clandestine Collection; Operations Support; Overt Collection

  • Human Services: Behavioral Health; Equal Employment; Human Resources; and Training and Education

  • Information Technology: Cyber Security; IT Data Specialist; IT Engineer; IT Mission Support; and IT Specialist

  • Inspector General: Audits (Financial & Performance Audits); Inspections; Investigations (Investigator & Criminal Investigator)

  • Legal: Open to law school students who have completed two semesters of coursework

  • Mission Management: Collection Management; Information Sharing; Intelligence Operations Management; Joint Capability Development and Intelligence Support to Acquisition; Joint Intelligence Planning; Policy and Strategy; Joint Target Intelligence

  • Office Management and Infrastructure: Facilities; Information Services; Logistics; and Office Operations

  • Security: Security Specialist; Police; Insider Threat; Credibility Assessment, and Criminal Investigator

  • Science and Technology: Research & Development; Technical Collection; Technical Exploitation; and Technical Operations


Department of Defense Internship Programs:

National Security Education Program

  • The National Security Education Program (NSEP), was established by Congress through the David L. Boren National Security Act of 1991 to provide a broader and more qualified pool of US citizens with foreign language and international exposure to work in national security positions.

  • NSEP is a scholarship program that promotes language skills, cultural awareness, and understanding of national security issues.

  • In collaboration with the National Security Education Program Office, DIA has established a one year, full-time internship program designed to provide a select number of recent college graduates the opportunity to apply their knowledge and gain practical work experience.

  • To participate in the program, applicants are required to have a 3.0 GPA and be a recipient of a grant or scholarship under the David L. Boren National Security Education Program.

  • For more information on NSEP, please visit:

    Click here to learn more about the National Security Education Program.

Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation

  • The Department of Defense (DoD) Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation Program (SMART) provides students, including current DoD employees seeking advanced degrees, with a full-time, paid summer internship.

  • Participants must be pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) fields of study.

  •  Benefits include full tuition and fees, a stipend, and guaranteed employment upon graduation.

  • Interns are appointed for a 10-12 week period from June through August.

    Click here to learn more about Science, Mathematics & Research Transformation.

Workforce Recruitment Program

  • The Department of Defense (DoD) Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) is a recruitment and referral program that connects Federal sector employees nationwide with highly motivated college students and recent graduates with disabilities.

  • Participants must have proof of a disability in order to participate in this program.

  • Students gain practical work experience during the summer by working alongside intelligence professionals supporting DIA’s critical mission.

    Click here to learn more about the Workforce Recruitment Program.

DIA Internship Programs:

Summer Internship Program

  • DIA’s Summer Internship Program provides promising undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to gain practical work experience working side-by-side with intelligence, technology, human resources, and other professionals. Students studying a variety of fields gain valuable on-the-job experience through providing direct support to DIA’s mission.

  • Interns are appointed for a 10-12 week period from June through August, as full-time, temporary employees.

  • All interns must be granted a security clearance and successfully pass a drug screening test prior to being made a final offer.

    Click here to learn more about the Summer Intern Program.

Academic Semester Internship Program

  • DIA’s Academic Semester Internship (ASIP) is an opportunity for promising undergraduate and graduate students enrolled full-time in degree-seeking programs at U.S. accredited universities and colleges that are located within commutable distances to DIA locations. ASIP allows students to gain practical work experience in intelligence, technology, mission services, and other professions while also enrolled in classes.

  • ASIP interns support DIA’s critical mission on a part-time basis. Interns in this program work a maximum of 29 hours per week.

  • ASIP occurs annually for one academic semester from August-December.

    Click here to learn more about the Academic Semester Internship Program.

Cooperative Education Program

  • DIA’s Cooperative Education (Co-op) Program provides a select number of talented undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in combination with their academic studies by exchanging one academic semester for full time employment.

  • This is an excellent opportunity for students seeking to serve their country to participate in the critical work of DIA through an extended work period while still attending school.

  • Co-op occurs annually for one academic semester from August-December.

    Click here to learn more about the Cooperative Education Program.

Louis Stokes Educational Scholarship Program

  • DIA’s Louis Stokes Educational Scholarship Program (STOKES) is available to a small number of high-achieving and committed secondary school seniors and /or college freshman and sophomores interested in a career in public service.

  • STOKES offers tuition assistance to students enrolled at accredited colleges or universities, while also providing challenging summer work and guaranteed employment in their field of study upon graduation from this highly competitive program.

  • Stokes occurs over the course of 2-4 years for 10-12 weeks each summer.

    Click here to learn more about the Louis Stokes Educational Scholarship Program.



DIA offers internships in the following geographical locations:

  • Washington, DC/Baltimore, Maryland

  • Arlington, VA

  • Quantico, VA

  • Reston, VA

  • Charlottesville, VA

  • Huntsville, Alabama

  • Tampa, Florida

  • Miami, Florida

  • Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

  • Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Molesworth, United Kingdom

  • Stuttgart, Germany

General FAQs

How should I submit my resume and other required materials?

Applications will only be accepted through the online application process at http://diajobs.dia.mil. Your resume, unofficial transcript, and cover letter should be attached to your online application. Finalists will be provided with instructions on submitting an official transcript. Applications will not be considered without all required documents. Please be sure that you include your GPA on your submitted application.

Should I submit additional material such as recommendation letters or writing samples?

No, letters of recommendation and writing samples are not required with the application.

Once I have been notified that I am a finalist or alternate, what is the next step?

DIA will ask you to complete pre-employment forms which include the SF-86 background questionnaire for a security clearance. When you return the pre-employment forms, we will request our vendor to schedule a drug screening test.

* You will not receive a final official offer letter until all required documentation has been received and a security clearance is approved *
How long will it take to get a security clearance?

It varies depending on your personal background and the volume of clearances being processed. In general, if you have significant foreign travel and/or foreign relatives or contacts, the clearance can be rather lengthy – up to 6 months or more to receive a full clearance. Individuals with limited or no overseas travel, who have not moved around much and who have no foreign relatives or contacts can usually receive a determination within 3 months.  Students must be fully cleared before being able to begin work.

I have dual citizenship with another country. What are my chances of getting a security clearance?

Individuals with dual citizenship can be granted clearances.

I plan to study abroad for all or part of the academic year. Is that a problem?

Yes. While the experience of living abroad is of value to DIA, it is impossible to complete the security background investigation and the necessary drug screening test when someone is overseas.

What type of work will I do?

Intern assignments are based on entry-level professional job descriptions and will involve a great deal of independent work under the guidance of a senior level supervisor and mentor. For example, duties for intelligence analyst intern positions may involve research and drafting reports. Assignments are not clerical in nature. Particular occupational areas may include crisis management, counterintelligence, military economics, homeland security, imagery, information warfare, and arms control/proliferation.

Can I earn academic credit for my internship?

Depending on your school's requirements, academic credit may be earned. DIA will work with your institution to provide any necessary evaluation, etc. Any written product provided to your institution must be cleared by your unit's security officer.