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Information Technology

Officers in the Information Technology Career Field manage, develop, and deliver information technology systems and services. They assist in securing information from internal and external threats while enabling beneficial collaboration within our internal national security infrastructure. Opportunities are offered through the following specialties:

  • Cyber Security: Cyber Security officers are responsible for a wide range of assignments and projects relative to information systems and security matters. They develop and implement activities designed to ensure, protect, and restore information technology (IT) systems, services, and capabilities. This includes identifying and ensuring the integration of security into every phase of computer, network, and telecommunications systems; testing technical safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems, networks, and data; and promoting awareness of security issues among management and the workforce to ensure security principles are reflected in DIA’s vision and goals.

  • IT Data Specialist: Officers in this specialty design, implement, and maintain relational database management systems that support applications. Officers also collect, maintain, manage, interpret, and analyze data received from internal data and external data sources. Officers specializing in data management may be responsible for overseeing operations of existing database management systems, troubleshooting errors, and creating a process plan for all members of the database development team. Officers who serve as IT Data Scientists mine complex data and provide systems-related advice to spot trends, design new processes, and build large, complex data sets.

  • IT Engineer: Officers in this specialty develop, test, install, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain computer hardware and software. Information Technology (IT) engineer assignments may include application development and engineering, cloud computing storage, network engineering, and systems engineering.

  • IT Mission Support: IT Mission Support Officers serve in multiple capacities to include strategic planning, capital planning and investment control, workforce planning, policy and standards development, resource management, and knowledge management. Their responsibilities include developing strategic plans and policies based on IT needs and operations; defining current and future IT businesses environments; and creating strategies for risk mitigation and contingency planning while directing and overseeing the project engineering team.

  • IT Specialist: Officers in this specialty provide customer support and guidance on IT issues. They interpret IT policies, standards, and guidelines; ensure optimal use of commercially available products; evaluate proposals for the acquisition of IT products or services; and participate in the planning, developing, implementation, operation, and maintenance of current and future systems. Responsibilities include monitoring performance of systems, performing diagnostics on system operations to identify problems and trends.