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All-source analysts are the fulcrum of DIA’s global mission. DIA has officers in 140 countries, including opportunities for all-source analysts. Wherever they are located, all-source analysts provide insightful analysis on foreign military capabilities and defense issues in support of our nation’s political leadership, defense policymakers, acquisition community, and military commanders. DIA’s all-source analysts inform policy, defense strategy, weapons development, weapons acquisition, and military planning. Join DIA for the adventure but stay for the opportunity to make your contribution to our nation’s continued security. All source analysts can look toward a career of rewarding training, advanced education opportunities, and challenging assignments in DIA and the Intelligence Community, across the U.S. and around the world, from the White House Situation Room to direct support to our nation’s combat forces.

Analysis Career Field Overview with Captions

Analysis Career Field no Captions

Analysis Career Field with Captions

The below qualities and skills are critical for success as an analyst at DIA:

  • Curiosity: A penchant for seeking out new experiences, knowledge, and candid feedback; and openness to learning and change.

  • Insight: The ability to gather and make sense of information from a fresh perspective that would otherwise remain unseen.

  • Engagement: The ability to use logic and emotional connections to work collaboratively and communicate a persuasive vision.

  • Communication: Present complex analysis clearly and logically to customers with limited time.

  • Determination: The resolve to fight for difficult goals despite challenges and the resilience to bounce back from adversity.

Career Specialties within the Analysis Career Field include:

  • Military Capabilities: Analysts provide all-source analysis to assess and warn of foreign military and non-state actor military capabilities to ensure U.S. domination of the battlespace on the ground, on the sea, and in the air, cyberspace, and outer space. They provide U.S. policymakers, planners, and warfighters with analysis of foreign civilian and military goals, motivations, and intent.

  • Strategic and Regional: Analysts assess foreign national goals and intentions; defense doctrine and strategy; socio-cultural dynamics; and civilian and military leadership. They evaluate factors, conditions, or other influences that contribute to or undermine national or regional stability that may lead to or perpetuate hostilities and could affect US national security interests. These specialists typically have experience in one or more other all-source analysis specialties.

  • Scientific and Technical Intelligence: Analysts have a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics education, experience, or both. They focus on foreign scientific and technological capabilities. Officers in this specialty evaluate foreign research and development capabilities, programs and infrastructure associated with foreign military systems, WMD programs, and medical science/technology developments to anticipate emerging challenges and prevent technology surprise.

  • Counterintelligence and Transnational: Analysts have the most diverse target set. These specialists assess all-source data on a wide-range of foreign activities that cross international borders. Such activities include foreign intelligence threats to US military forces, facilities and activities, as well as foreign illicit transnational networks and activities related to terrorism, insurgency, weapons proliferation, drugs, piracy, and human trafficking.

  • Infrastructure and Resources: Analysts focus on foreign capabilities to develop, equip, sustain, and employ military forces. Specialists in this area develop and maintain foundational intelligence on foreign transportation, energy, telecommunications, and economic networks. Their all-source analysis supports interdiction or disruption of critical infrastructure components to shorten or end military operations.

  • Analytic Operations and Knowledge Management: Analysts manage the business processes, policies, and tradecraft of Defense Intelligence all-source analysis. They collect, compile, and analyze information on analytic resource alignment, analytic risk, and DoD/IC policy compliance. These specialists drive the constant improvement of all-source analysis by evolving analytic capabilities and tradecraft; integrating data science and other technologies; and establishing associated standards and policies.