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Mission Areas

Do what matters. Discover the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Looking for more than just a job? Explore a career where you make an impact on national security. Be a part of a team that leaders at all levels of the military and U.S. government rely on to protect the nation.

With a global workforce of more than 16,500 officers, DIA requires a robust, agile, and skilled team to complete DIA’s critical mission while operating in complex threat environments. DIA wants you to contribute in one of the following career fields:


Officers in the Analysis Career Field are the fulcrum of DIA’s global mission. DIA has officers in 140 countries, including opportunities for all-source analysts. Wherever they are located, all-source analysts provide insightful analysis on foreign military capabilities and defense issues in support of our nation’s political leadership, defense policymakers, acquisition community, and military commanders. DIA all-source analysis informs policy, defense strategy, weapons development, weapons acquisition, and military planning.


Counterintelligence (CI) Career Field Officers perform a wide variety of functions in support of the mission to include detecting, identifying, assessing, exploiting, countering, and/or neutralizing the intelligence collection efforts/intelligence activities, sabotage, terrorist activities, and/or assassination efforts of foreign powers, organizations, or persons directed against the Department of Defense and the US Government, its personnel, information, material, facilities and/or activities.

Finance and Acquisition

Officers in the Finance and Acquisition Career Field are responsible for enabling enterprise management by programming, budgeting, allocating, and managing approved resources; developing strategies at all levels of the Agency to include long-term strategic planning; and communicating Agency priorities, goals and requirements to a myriad of internal and external audiences.

Human Intelligence

Officers in the Human Intelligence Career Field perform a wide variety of functions to execute and support the mission, including: overt and clandestine collection of intelligence via a spectrum of sources and methods; management of the collection and reporting cycle; and direct intelligence support to collectors and collection operations.

Human Services

Officers in the Human Services Career Field provide a variety of functions that require top quality customer service, agility, and continuous learning. They provide services throughout five specialties: behavioral health and research, equal employment, faculty, human resources, and training and development.

Information Technology

Officers in the Information Technology Career Field manage, develop, and deliver information technology systems and services.  They assist in securing information from internal and external threats while enabling beneficial collaboration within the internal national security infrastructure.

Mission Management

Officers in the Mission Management Career Field are leaders and experts in the ways of making the organization and its business processes work effectively and efficiently. DIA mission managers are trusted advisors to senior government officials and general officers on agency and combatant command intelligence support for operational plans.

Office of Management and Infrastructure

Officers in the Office of Management and Infrastructure Career Field apply technical and administrative expertise, and possess a comprehensive knowledge of laws and regulations across six specialties: facilities, information services, logistics, office operations, program management and staff management.


Officers in the Security Career Field perform a variety of security, countermeasure, investigative, and law enforcement services to protect and safeguard DIA employees, property, operations, and classified and sensitive information. Services include providing multidisciplinary security activities: physical, technical, information, industrial, and personnel security.

Science and Technology

Officers in the Science and Technology Career Field apply scientific methods and technical tradecraft across the full range of intelligence operations in support of global technical collection, exploitation, and operations. They develop a broad understanding of the entire career field while developing a deep expertise in one of the following specialties: research and development, technical collections, technical exploitation and technical operations.