Defense Intelligence Agency


Historically Black Colleges & Universities & Minority Institutions

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Minority Institutions (MIs) are institutions founded primarily for the education of minorities, although their charters are not exclusionary. Executive Order 12928, September 16, 1994, promotes participation of HBCUs and MIs in federal procurements.

Recognizing that HBCUs/MIs are a national resource with high enrollment of under-represented minorities, the Department of Defense has encouraged its agencies to develop programs which will enable these institutions to increase the number of minority graduates in physical science, mathematics, and engineering programs.

The primary goals of the HBCU/MI program are to invest in:

  • Technically-sophisticated research programs that will give technical personnel the decisive edge in their mission accomplishment
  • A future work force with the training to resolve the global security and technological challenges of the future.
  • An educational structure willing to enhance academic and research environment at the undergraduate and graduate levels to ensure future technical capabilities.