Mentor Protégé Program

Mentor Protégé Program (MPP)

DIA’s Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) is proud to participate in the Department of Defense (DoD) Pilot Mentor Protégé Program (MPP). The MPP was established November 5 1991, and is detailed in Appendix I to 48 CFR chapter 2.1990 under Section 831 of Pub. L. 101-510.  DIA is interested in Mentor /Protégé teaming agreements that offer opportunities to enhance industry capabilities aligned against DIA’s strategic mission areas.

DIA MPP core mission areas are:

  • All Source Intelligence (HUMINT/CI)
  • Science and Technology
  • Information Technology (Cyber security/Information Assurance
  • Languages
  • Modeling & Simulation 

There are three (3) types of MPP agreements:

  • Reimbursable: Reimbursement for reasonable, allocable, and allowable expenses to be reimbursed to the Mentor through a contract.
  • Credit: Costs incurred under a credit agreement are not directly reimbursed, but are applied under Federal Agency subcontracting plan 19.703 towards SDB subcontracting goals in different multiples based on assistance provided. This is an opportunity for Mentors struggling in meeting subcontracting goals on DIA contracts.
  • Hybrid MP Agreements: Utilizes some credit and some reimbursement instead of exclusively one or the other.

*** DIA is actively seeking credit MPP agreements only for the remainder of FY14***

*** DIA reimbursable and hybrid agreements are finalized; However new MPP Executive Summaries may be sought Q4 FY14 for participation beginning in FY15 ***

Current Mentors:

  • IBM
  • TASC
  • BAH
  • BAE Systems 
  • PSI
  • GRS
  • Skyline Unlimited
  • PSI

Current Proteges: 

  • Radius Technology
  • Allegheny Science & Technology
  • MASY Group
  • Mainstreet
  • FavorTech
  • Convergent
  • R&K Cyber Solutions
  • Core Mission Solutions
  • Cognitive 
  • Fillcor

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