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DIA Director's 2020 Professional Reading List



Professional Reading List – 2020 Edition


Reading is at the heart of self-education. It enhances communication and expands our experiences, enriching our efforts at home, at work, and in the community. Together we pool our collective knowledge to better serve and defend the United States of America.


As a team, we can do remarkable things, and our efforts are stronger when we collaborate with our friends and allies. We can operate decisively as a unit and ensure our collective security and prosperity, but to do that we must recognize and appreciate our teammates' perspectives.


Therefore, the 2020 Director's Reading List is not simply a personal list of favorites - it is an aspiration. This is a collection of recommendations from our own officers, and features an entirely new section from our Five Eye partners.


I hope you gain new insight and perspectives from this diverse collection. And remember, you are always lending someone a helping hand when you recommend a good book. 


Lieutenant General Robert P. Ashley, Jr., USA

Director, Defense Intelligence Agency




The Director's Professional Reading List is divided into four categories:

  • Leadership and Professional Development

  • Global Analysis

  • History

  • Five Eye Partners



The appearance of a title and accompanying summary in this reading list do not imply or constitute an endorsement or an approval by the Director of any of the products, services or opinions of the authors. However, these books contain thought-provoking ideas and viewpoints relevant to leadership, decision-making, and professionalism. The Defense Intelligence Agency bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the books referenced in this reading list. 


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