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Veterans Day and DIA

By DIA Public Affairs


Originally known as Armistice Day to mark the end of World War I, Nov. 11 later became a day to honor American veterans of all wars.

At the Defense Intelligence Agency, the military and its veterans are at the core of everything we do—from the analysts providing timely, valuable intelligence to the warfighter to the logisticians equipping DIA officers to serve in combat zones and more than 140 countries around the world.

More than what we do, the values instilled in military members beginning in entry level training through every assignment of their career are similar to those held by and embodied by each DIA officer: excellence,  teamwork, integrity, initiative and accountability.

DIA is composed of more than 16,500 men and women, including civilians and both active and reserve duty military. More than 40% of our civilian employees previously served in the military, and they continue to serve their nation in various roles at DIA.

 We salute them and all the other veterans of our country this Veterans Day.