Career Fields

  • Officers in the counterintelligence (CI) career field perform a wide variety of tasks in support of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) mission. From technical operations to insider threat investigations, officers in the CI career field safeguard the Nation from foreign adversarial threats.



The Office Management and Infrastructure (OMI) career field represents DIA’s ability to execute its national security mission through effective and efficient day-to-day operations spanning diverse organizations and missions. Officers in the OMI career field apply technical and administrative expertise and possess a comprehensive knowledge of laws and regulations across six specialties: facilities, information services, logistics, program analysis staff operations and strategic communications & engagement. 

Officers in this specialty have the skills and technical ability to apply professional standards to design and build structures and systems, create blueprints, and oversee maintenance and construction while reducing risk and minimizing cost. They manage building services and physical space, as well as develop and implement emergency management plans and emergency response exercises. They develop and manage safety, health,and environmental protection programs that comply with national standards and provide a safe working environment in support of agency goals and requirements. Specific positions in this specialty include Engineers and Architects, Health and Safety Officers, Industrial Hygienists and Facility Managers. 

Information is vital to DIA’s success in achieving mission goals. Information Services Officers have a critical role in the preparation, management, and communication of information. This specialty includes positions responsible for performing a wide range of information-related support services to create, prepare, edit, organize, establish, manage, safeguard, disseminate, and or communicate government information and ideas through verbal, visual, or written means. Specific positions in this specialty include Graphic Designers, Government Information Specialists, Librarians and Writer-Editors.

Logistics officers move and equip the DIA workforce globally, anytime, anywhere to support their mission. They interpret, develop and sustain logistics management policies and programs that align to agency strategic goals and objectives. Logistics officers are full spectrum and employ skills across the supply chain such as procurement, storage and distribution, travel and transportation services, property accountability and maintenance support. Specific positions in this specialty include Logistics and Supply Management Specialist, Transportation and Travel Specialist, Warehouse Managers and Deployment Specialists. 

DIA relies on these officers to analyze, evaluate, and direct a variety of programs across the spectrum of DIA engagements. They manage and coordinate a wide range of projects directed toward strategic business and organizational objectives that further the Agency’s mission. Additionally, officers in the Program Analysis and Management (PA&M) specialty manage and monitor the use of resources (e.g., people, systems, space, budgets, contracts), and maximize their effectiveness for multiple and wide-ranging operations and programs to foster productivity and deliver solutions. Specific positions in this specialty include Management Analysts, Program Analysts, and Program Managers. 

Staff Operations officers perform a variety of administrative, support, and management activities essential for DIA’s global mission. They execute office operations activities such as task and records management, timekeeping, and information control. They also plan, coordinate and execute a range of enterprise services including event management, travel services, space management, mail distribution, and courier operations. Officers also implement and provide strategic-level policy guidance to leaders and staff on acquisition, personnel management, equipment, and fiscal resources. Specific positions in this specialty include Staff Officers, Executive Assistants, Event Planners, Branch and Division Chiefs, and Staff Directors. 

Officers are professional communicators or public affairs specialists who develop and execute strategic engagements to tell the DIA story. They enable the Agency’s mission before Congress through expert knowledge of the legislative process and foster strategically important relationships to advocate for DIA’s priorities through deliberate and targeted outreach and education programs. They provide expert communications advice to advance Agency strategic goals and increase understanding of DIA’s unique defense intelligence missions. They protect the Agency’s reputation, enhance transparency, and support a brand that inspires the workforce and builds confidence and trust with overseers, stakeholders, and the American public. 

DIA operates in more than 140 facilities around the world. Our Analysis Officers are stationed at a wide array of locations, including:

  • National Capital Region: Washington, DC; Reston, VA; Quantico, VA– DIA HQ, Integrated Intelligence Centers, Directorate for Science and Technology, Office of Counterintelligence, Directorate for Analysis, DoD Joint Staff (J2)
  • Frederick, MD – Directorate for Analysis
  • Odenton, MD – U.S. Cyber Command
  • Charlottesville, VA – Directorate for Analysis
  • Miami, FL–  U.S. Southern Command
  • Tampa, FL – U.S. Central Command, U.S. Special Operations Command
  • Huntsville, AL – Directorate for Analysis
  • Belleville, IL – U.S. Transportation Command
  • Omaha, NE – U.S. Strategic Command
  • Colorado Springs, CO – U.S. Northern Command
  • Honolulu, HI – U.S. Pacific Command
  • Molesworth, United Kingdom – U.S. Africa Command, U.S. European Command
  • Stuttgart, Germany – U.S. Africa Command, U.S. European Command
  • Seoul, South Korea – U.S. Forces Korea

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Analysis is the largest of the 10 career fields at DIA. Click here to learn more about the expectations of current and future DIA analysts.