Career Fields

  • Officers in the counterintelligence (CI) career field perform a wide variety of tasks in support of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) mission. From technical operations to insider threat investigations, officers in the CI career field safeguard the Nation from foreign adversarial threats.



The Mission Management Career Field represents DIA’s ability to synchronize and assess the entire intelligence cycle. Officers in this career field are the critical link in the combatant commands (CCMDs) between warfighters, planners and defense intelligence analysts. As trusted advisors to senior government officials and flag officers, they coordinate and integrate diverse intelligence operations from the tactical-theater level to the national-strategic level across the following career specialties: collection management, information sharing, intelligence operations management, joint capability development and intelligence support to acquisition, joint intelligence planning, joint target intelligence, and policy and strategy. 

Collection managers optimize collection requirements by building relationships to understand customer intelligence needs and gaps, researching existing requirements, and then developing or updating and validating requirements to task collection resources. DIA offers collection managers an accredited certification program. Positions in this specialty include senior intelligence officer, collection strategist, and intelligence officer among others.


In this specialty, officers represent DIA to allies and foreign partners. They plan and coordinate foreign military intelligence cooperation and engagements, manage international intelligence arrangements, and execute intelligence sharing conferences and relationship development activities with partner nations. These officers also provide foreign disclosure support to enable sharing of intelligence with foreign partners. Positions in this specialty include partner engagement officer, information sharing officer, foreign disclosure officer and more. 

Officers in this specialty manage multi-discipline intelligence operations to provide intelligence support to defense and intelligence community decision-makers. They develop, coordinate and demonstrate operational knowledge of joint capabilities across intelligence disciplines. Positions in this specialty include watch officer, joint staff officer and intelligence officer. 

This specialty defines the future intelligence architecture. Officers in this specialty advocate for future DoD intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capability requirements through the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and office of the Director of National Intelligence. Positions include action officer, program analyst and portfolio subject matter expert (SME). 

In this specialty, officers mastermind intelligence plans for warfighters. They orchestrate the intelligence planning process at CCMDs and organizations. They integrate all available intelligence capabilities and resources in support of the DoD’s military planning process and assess risks to intelligence support. DIA offers intelligence planners an accredited certification program. Positions include planning officer, command intelligence planner, exercise plans officer and operational planner. 

These officers establish policy governing JTI intelligence standards and procedures. They advise joint force targeting and fires operations to determine appropriate guidance and targeting priorities. They develop targets and engagement strategies for targeting priorities and assess the results of the engagements. Positions in this specialty include target intelligence planner, weaponeering specialist and targeting operations officer. 

Officers in this specialty advise organization leaders on national, DoD, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and CCMD policies and strategies. They also develop and advise on long-range DoD and DIA institutional plans. Positions include policy officer, strategy officer and legislative officer. 

Our officers have a wide variety of backgrounds and degrees to include:

  • Military, Civilian government, or private sector experience demonstrating foundational skills relevant to any of the Mission Management career field specialties. Experience of association with the Intelligence Community Centers for Academic Excellence.
  • Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's degree or PhD; desired majors or area of concentration include:
    • Political Science 
    • Public/Business Administration
    • Public Policy
    • Government
    • Intelligence
    • History or related subject
  • Boren Scholar

  • Collection Manager
  • Targeting Officer
  • Targeting Analyst
  • Watch Officer
  • Liaison Officer
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Program Analyst
  • Intelligence Planner
  • Staff Officer
  • Foreign Disclosure Officer

DIA operates in more than 140 facilities around the world. Our Analysis Officers are stationed at a wide array of locations, including:

  • National Capital Region: Washington, DC; Reston, VA; Quantico, VA– DIA HQ, Integrated Intelligence Centers, Directorate for Science and Technology, Office of Counterintelligence, Directorate for Analysis, DoD Joint Staff (J2)
  • Frederick, MD – Directorate for Analysis
  • Odenton, MD – U.S. Cyber Command
  • Charlottesville, VA – Directorate for Analysis
  • Miami, FL–  U.S. Southern Command
  • Tampa, FL – U.S. Central Command, U.S. Special Operations Command
  • Huntsville, AL – Directorate for Analysis
  • Belleville, IL – U.S. Transportation Command
  • Omaha, NE – U.S. Strategic Command
  • Colorado Springs, CO – U.S. Northern Command
  • Honolulu, HI – U.S. Pacific Command
  • Molesworth, United Kingdom – U.S. Africa Command, U.S. European Command
  • Stuttgart, Germany – U.S. Africa Command, U.S. European Command
  • Seoul, South Korea – U.S. Forces Korea

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