DIA Director on E Pluribus Unum Week: We are first and foremost, Americans

By DIA Public Affairs


WASHINGTON, June 29, 2016 — A phrase that traditionally graces American currency is getting new life at the Defense Intelligence Agency this week. LtGen Vincent Stewart launched DIA’s first E Pluribus Unum Week, bringing together DIA’s diverse workforce to celebrate what it means to be an American, the week of June 27.

The week is centered on the phrase, "E Pluribus Unum," or “out of many, one.” This sentiment recognizes that no matter one’s individual background, Americans are united through their shared values.

“All of us – all the different ethnic groups, all the different religious groups – come together and bring the strands that make up this great tapestry that is America,” Stewart said in his opening remarks. “[America] is about hope, about opportunity. It’s about the incredible values that we all share and defend here as part of DIA.”

Stewart further elaborated that, while DIA is proud to celebrate individual ethnic and religious groups throughout the year, we also need to focus on what we each have in common – “We are first and foremost, Americans.”

Throughout DIA’s E Pluribus Unum week, the workforce will share comments, thoughts and personal stories about what it means to be American. DIA will also host events to celebrate the ideals and principles that unite all Americans under the same banner.

“If we can come together, and think that way – think and act as Americans – there’s nothing that we can’t overcome,” Stewart said. “There’s no challenge too great, no nation we need to fear, no situation that can defeat us.”

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