Strategic Plan


On the eve of its 50th anniversary, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has evolved into a much different institution than when it was established. Since 1961, DIA contributions have been instrumental in shaping significant events in U.S. history—from the first major challenges it faced during the Cuban Missile Crisis to the current perils presented by rising state challengers, global terrorist movements, insurgencies, and arms proliferation. Today, the Agency's challenges are further complicated by the convergence of the advanced pace of available technology, a complex and rapidly shifting international political environment, and increasing competition for global resources. To remain in front of these challenges and provide decision confidence to our customers, DIA will strive to continually strengthen our intelligence operations, rely on enhanced intelligence integration, foster greater public-private sector dependencies, and provide unparalleled leadership across the Defense Intelligence Enterprise and the Intelligence Community.

The 2012-2017 DIA Strategy is founded on who we are and what we do best—a national-level combat support agency expert in all-source analysis focused on foreign military and defense-related matters. Further, this strategy is about what we stand for: unwavering service to those fighting our Nation's wars, effective partnering, innovation, and care for our brave and dedicated workforce, without whom the Agency cannot accomplish its core missions.

Join me in implementing this dynamic and enduring strategy. Together, we will overcome the challenges that lie ahead and succeed in our mission. I am proud and honored to serve as Director during what can only be described as DIA's finest hour. I salute you all.

Ronald L. Burgess, Jr.
Lieutenant General, USA